The adaptive Organization

The ability to learn and adapt in short cycles, requires a paradigm shift in many aspects.

  • Corporate culture – a culture of transparency and trust creates motivation and creativity.
  • Governance – different types of governance coexist for design, development and other parts of the organization.
  • Leadership model – people development becomes more important than execution.
  • Autonomy and delegation – leading knowledge workers rely on their skills and intrinsic motivation.


Under Construction

In general, it requires a mindset shift to many new metaphors.  While this is a different story for each company, we have collected a number of insights and ideas which can be shared.

An initiative to share insights is Growing Adaptive Organizations, a special interest group of the DACH30 initiative. You find here work in progress and our ideas, while we continue contributing to these communities.

Key Capabilities

Efficiency – which was a huge factor which determines a company´s success prospect is today still important, but only one of several aspects. Success of an organization in today’s complex environment is determined by Efficiency, Resilience, e.g. the ability to innovate and its ability to grow, i.e.learn.

More on the key capabilities

Growing the adaptive Organization

To provide the capabilities for survival in a changing world, the organization needs to be adaptive. This makes three key ingredients necessary: enabling structures, skilled people and an enabling culture and the proper evolving strategy.

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