Organizations for people

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Leadership and Agility

Organizations for people

Ideas Concepts Training
Leadership and Agility

Adaptive organization

The goal.

Organizations for people adapt, are adaptive. Support your structures, not restrict them.

For lasting success, the adaptive organization focuses on new capabilities: learning and innovation. Resilient is the new efficient.

Agile evolution

The way.

When embarking on the agile journey, only the first steps are visible, there is no complete plan or timetable.

However, there are some experiences that can help steer efforts in the right direction.

Agile Leadership


Management decides how people work together and develops structures and strategies in organizations. Leadership works with people on culture. Let’s talk about role models and the path to becoming an agile leader . And about the big picture: what agile leadership encompasses.

eTrainings, blended learning

Learning is an integral part of work and must be available at all times. Just like our eTrainings and tapas . Learning becomes modular and self-determined, at the same time support is required. Just like our blended learning offers.

Learning trips

Today, qualification is more than training. Companies need a concept, employees want perspective and support. Maybe our concepts are interesting there. Do you find yourself in one of the scenarios ?



Radical Focus is a company that wants to develop agility, leadership and working on equal terms in adaptive organizations.

As a think tank, Radical Focus

  • a community for sharing experiences
  • a learning network with training offers and
  • a knowledge pool with ideas and concepts.

The company was founded in 2020 by Christoph Mathis (Krishan). After a long career as an entrepreneur, consultant, coach, trainer and founder of improuv, Radical Focus made a dream come true.

Christoph Mathis is a partner and managing director of Radical Focus.

Since 2001 he has been shaping the development of agility by building communities and conferences. During this time he actively developed agile methods and concepts and supported large companies in their business agility transformation. The development of a good leadership culture in agile organizations is particularly important to him.

Christoph Mathis - Krishan
Christoph Mathis aka Krishan
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