Leading adaptive organizations


The modules


What is agile leadership
How do I become an agile leader
Act as an agile leader
1 day


Coach your team
Manage your team
Grow your team
1 day


Develop structures
Deliver and innovation
Organizational design and change
1 day

Agile leaders differ according to their professional background, work experience, current task, responsibility and challenges. The leadership development program is divided into three course modules from which you can put together a combination that makes sense for you:

  • CAL-Essentials Module (CAL-E) provide an understanding of the basics of agile leadership and the context in which agile leadership and principles can be effective.
  • In the CAL-for-Teams module (CAL-T) you will learn how to create a safe environment and promote a culture of transparency, feedback and adaptation to enable experimentation and continuous learning in your teams.
  • In the CAL-for-Organizations module (CAL-O) you will learn about practices and principles of agility at the organizational level.


The training includes

  • Preparatory material
  • Work manual
  • 2 days, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Scope :

Essentials – CAL-E
Team – CAL-T

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