Develop adaptive organizations


The program

The program relies on initiative, support from a group of like-minded people and support from the trainer (s).

In each of the modules there is

  • Preparatory materials
  • An impulse lecture on the main topic
  • A call-to-action: a case study or exercise to practice, discuss and deepen selected topics. This is followed by a “homework” in which the participants in small groups examine the transfer to their work environment.
The program takes place in German, the materials are mostly in English.

What I particularly liked is the coherent context of agility, corporate culture and the dynamics of change processes. The content aimed at a strategic, long-term and valuable development. Thanks to the input, I see myself well prepared to immerse myself in the usual complexity and to test out ideas that have been conveyed with a refreshed focus. I recommend the program to everyone for their own agile travel planning.

The modules

1: principles

Arriving: My learning plan
My role, my goals
Principles over practices
0.5 days

2: portfolio

Budgeting and Strategy
Portfolio planning
Power of Ownership
0.5 days

3: flow

Process organization first
Shaping value streams
Structure teams
0.5 days

4: Grow & Learn

Growing People and Teams
Working with communities
0.5 days

5: Flexibility

Flexibility and Innovation
Power of Markets
0.5 d

6: Culture

Culture hacks
Decisions & Empowerment
0.5 days

7: innovation

Working means learning
Strategy needs strategy
Power of experimentation
0.5 days

8: wrap-up

Moving on: my new plan
Integrate: connect the dots
Start now: be a hacker, be a leader
0.5 day

Price and dates

Price :

3.750, – € excl. VAT

We run two programs a year, one starting at the beginning of the year, the second from September.

module meeting
1: Principles (presence) 27.09.2021 09.00 - 17:00
2: portfolio 11.10.2021 16.00 - 19:00
3: flow 25.10.2021 16.00 - 19:00
4: Grow and Learn 08.11.2021 16.00 - 19:00
5: Flexibility 22.11.2021 16.00 - 19:00
6: Culture 06.12.2021 16.00 - 19:00
7: innovation 20.12.2021 16.00 - 19:00
8: Wrapup (presence) 10.01.2022 09.00 - 17:00


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