The Certified Agile Leader (CAL) program

The program


Agile leaders differ according to their professional background, work experience, current task, responsibility and challenges. The leadership development program is divided into three course modules from which you can put together a combination that makes sense for you:

  • CAL-Essentials Module (CAL-E) provide an understanding of the basics of agile leadership and the context in which agile leadership and principles can be effective.
    learning goals
  • In the CAL-for-Teams module (CAL-T) you will learn how to create a safe environment and promote a culture of transparency, feedback and adaptation to enable experimentation and continuous learning in your teams.
    learning goals
  • In the CAL-for-Organizations module (CAL-O) you will learn about practices and principles of agility at the organizational level.
    learning goals

Details and dates


The second block consists of support and joint work over a period of about three months. After participating, you will receive the CAL certificate.

Details and dates

I have questions about the CAL program

The way: CAL 2

The modules

1: principles

Arriving: My learning plan
My role, my goals
Principles over practices
0.5 days

2: portfolio

Budgeting and Strategy
Portfolio planning
Power of Ownership
0.5 days

3: flow

Process organization first
Shaping value streams
Structure teams
0.5 days

4: Grow & Learn

Growing People and Teams
Working with communities
0.5 days

5: Flexibility

Flexibility and Innovation
Power of Markets
0.5 d

6: Culture

Culture hacks
Decisions & Empowerment
0.5 days

7: innovation

Working means learning
Strategy needs strategy
Power of experimentation
0.5 days

8: wrap-up

Moving on: my new plan
Integrate: connect the dots
Start now: be a hacker, be a leader
0.5 day

The program relies on initiative, support from a group of like-minded people and support from the trainer (s).

In each of the modules there is

  • Preparatory materials
  • An impulse lecture on the main topic
  • A call-to-action: a case study or exercise to practice, discuss and deepen selected topics. This is followed by a “homework” in which the participants in small groups examine the transfer to their work environment.
The program takes place in German, the materials are mostly in English.

Price :

3.750, – € excl. VAT

CAL2 dates

We run two programs a year, one starting at the beginning of the year, the second from September.

module meeting
1: Principles (presence) 27.09.2021 09.00 - 17:00
2: portfolio 11.10.2021 16.00 - 19:00
3: flow 25.10.2021 16.00 - 19:00
4: Grow and Learn 08.11.2021 16.00 - 19:00
5: Flexibility 22.11.2021 16.00 - 19:00
6: Culture 06.12.2021 16.00 - 19:00
7: innovation 20.12.2021 16.00 - 19:00
8: Wrapup (presence) 10.01.2022 09.00 - 17:00


I have questions about the CAL 2 program

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