Agile principles

Boost or backlash – what Corona does with agility

Agility aims to increase the flexibility of a company. If so, one would expect that now would be the hour of the agilists. But it doesn’t, at least not consistently.
In several companies I notice that a completely different wind is blowing right now. Back to command and control, announcements, the very old number. This seems rather paradoxical to me at first and I am looking for an explanation.

Four advantages of agile teams

Scaling, Culture and Agile Evolution – Part 1 Why is scaling so hard? And further elaborating, why is it so hard to implement a good

Errors and error culture

Sven Tiffe gave a very interesting talk at the last AgileTuesday, our Munich Scrum regulars’ table, about the role of culture, or as he said,

Broken windows in the project

Do you know the theory of the broken window, the “broken window theory”? It originates from the USA and tries to answer the question why