Infinite Games

Simon Sinek comes from game theory to a description of business that has a direct impact on management and leadership.

Good to Great

In the last six months, I’ve come across Good to Great and a few other books, each of which are very interesting on their own, but which, taken together, have provided me with some new insights into agile as a whole. I actively use the concepts in my management seminars. I want to share those […]

Flow or silo – the structure of an organization

Most organizations talk first about the organizational structure or hierarchy and structural units or silos. The most important goal here is efficiency and resource utilization.
In addition, opportunity costs, especially the costs of missed opportunities, are often underestimated.

Shareholder or stakeholder value

The Business Round Table has developed a more sustainable view of the purpose of organizations and emphasizes a more comprehensive view of several different stakeholders.

The book Agile

The DACH30 working group is an association of agile coaches and change agents from large companies in D-A-CH. In this working group, there are intensive discussions about a common understanding – in this context, the “Book of Agile” was developed. It describes a common basic understanding about agility.

Wardley Maps and the three horizons

Simon Wardley has found a form and codes with which strategic considerations over time and influencing factors can be well mapped and communicated. In a previous article Wardley Mapping – a great tool for strategy development I reported on this. The ‘three horizons’ were a perspective that was immediately obvious to me. In a moment, […]

Wardley Mapping – a great tool for strategy development

In December I had a real stroke of luck: I was at a joint masterclass by Simon Wardley and Dave Snowden. Dave Snowden has been known for some time about his contributions to complexity theory, his Cynefin framework. Simon Wardley, on the other hand, didn’t show up on my radar until about six months ago. […]

The most important inventions of Spotify

Spotify’s published principles are intriguing to many. Probably a major factor in why agility just works at Spotify. I add my own interpretation. I also only know Henrik Kniberg’s public presentation at various conferences, hence my insert: it’s another interpretation. For me, the success can be traced back to one key reason: Agile Mindset is […]

Start with Why – Sinek’s Golden Circle

In many discussions I catch myself interjecting the question “what problem are we solving right now”. Sometimes it works wonders to get a conversation back on track. I stumbled across “Golden Circle” some time ago – in fact, it was a customer who uses it extensively in his organization. Simon Sinek has summed up the […]