Leadership for Trust

Creating an environment of learning, trust, safety, innovation and collaboration has crucial dependencies both on the organization culture and the team spirit. In an organization,

Wardley Mapping

Wardley mapping is a visual method for exploring, understanding, and communicating strategy under circumstances of constant change.   What is your competitive environment? Where should

Five steps to building trust

Last week in our Meetup on Growing Adaptive Organizations we had a very interesting topic: Leadership for Trust i.e. what aspects of leadership are important for building trust.

I present a small part of the discussion here.

Examples of distributed leadership

Haier – Over the past 20+ years, Haier has transformed itself from a traditional, centralized Chinese state-owned enterprise to a cellular platform company Story:

Cynefin as a tool for decision making

What is the appropriate solution … when the situation is simple, complex, complicated or chaotic?And what is the situation anyway? Cynefin [kjunewin] is the Welsh

Fit for Purpose

If a primary role of the “organization” is to implement strategy, then a key question for management is the extent to which the organization is

The common cause

A common cause is a basic idea that “animates” the organization. We borrowed this idea from Simon Sinek’s “the good cause”. It is another developed

Discover, Disrupt, Deliver

Agile methodologies offer a rich set of practices to shorten the feedback cycle. Scrum provides a proven framework for teams to achieve consistent, effective delivery