Evolving Strategy

Wardley Mapping

Wardley mapping is a visual method for exploring, understanding, and communicating strategy under circumstances of constant change.   What is your competitive environment? Where should

Cynefin as a tool for decision making

What is the appropriate solution … when the situation is simple, complex, complicated or chaotic?And what is the situation anyway? Cynefin [kjunewin] is the Welsh

Strategic Workforce Development

Strategic personnel development Two addressees skill development has than the learners and the company. on the part of the learner is the focus: Building knowledge,

Architecture and Technology Strategy

Which ever organization you form, it is not the right one… Adapted Architectures Mel Conway Tweet Once you know the basics of your business strategy,

Portfolio Strategy

Classical approaches The Boston Matrix In the Boston Consulting Group portfolio, a company’s various products are divided into four categories depending on their relative market

Strategy development

A situation analysis, which is a usable basis for strategy development, is a critical step and almost always uses visualization. There are a lot of

Situational Awareness

Empirical processes Decisions are made on the basis of existing knowledge and gain in clarity as learning cycles become shorter and shorter. At the beginning


Intention, Purpose and the Start with Why Using an example of two product presentations (described by Simon Sinek, in this case Microsoft Zune and Apple

Strategy Refinement

There are some crucial steps to go through on the way to implementing a strategy: Aligning with the business, not managing current operations Portfolios –

Evolving Strategy

The basis for every strategy is – as trivial as it sounds – on the one hand the intention, the purpose, the goals and on