Three missions or how to put my documents in order

I wrestled with myself for a long time about how to implement my claim to focus. Because focusing always involves leaving something out. I find this unspeakably difficult and that is precisely my dilemma (especially with the name of the website).

The topics could not be more diverse:

  • the collected lessons and courses for the web (which Stefan Knecht played a major role in creating) and which should help make the teaching of basic agile knowledge reusable. I think it’s about time. At least the shu level is mature and old enough that you shouldn’t keep reinventing the wheel.
  • my long collected ideas about organizational structures, strategy and strategic agility. This was a particularly tough one for me: once there is the transformation approach “Agile Evolution“, which I have been working on since 2012 or so. I never had the leisure to get it into a publishable state, but it’s a lot of content. On the other hand, the cooperation with colleagues from the DACH30 group has produced a website and a concept “Adaptive Organization“, but more about that later.
  • my topic “Agile Leadership”, which was my “day job” as a trainer until 2019 and displaced my Scrum certification trainings.

All subjects have a strong attraction for me.

And this is my solution now: with a heavy heart, I’m splitting up my content:

  • Growing Adaptive Organizations gets all the content on strategy, organizational design, and business agility. This also includes Agile Evolution. At the moment the structure revolves around a big picture as an introduction / orientation and detail articles around it. It is intended to provide guidance and maintain a curated list of links that provide a solid entry point to relevant topics.
  • Agile Learning Journey takes care of “traditional” agile content, mainly as web training. For now, you can tell the site was meant to be a pay platform – the goal here is to make it the basis of a community initiative where different authors (and companies) gather and share content. I’m currently working on the ideas (and collaborations) to implement. Stay tuned.
  • Agile Leadership remains here on Radical Focus.

At the moment all three sites look a bit plucked (especially the English version), I’ve had quite a reorganization and now the work starts to make it something presentable as well as integrating the new content.

Oh yeah, next steps: I’ll be publishing separate posts in the next few days explaining in more detail where I plan to publish what.


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