The Adaptive Organization at Agile Tuesday

December 2021

Almost unnoticed, an ecosystem has developed alongside the agility we are familiar with that comes from a completely different approach: rethinking the structure and culture of a company as a whole.
We are talking about further developments of holocracy, sociocracy and so on... The interest in the companies that have chosen such a model has increased dramatically and there are also many new ones: while some time ago it was mainly smaller companies of up to 250 employees, now there are large companies that have organized themselves completely as a distributed organization of autonomous teams. I will show some examples and try to understand what are the common characteristics of these companies, why they are interesting for us as agilists and try to make a prediction about their success factors.

The slides can be found on Slideshare .

On Key

The VSM Quick Guide: the model

The introduction to the series on Jon Walker’s VSM quick guide. It describes the simplified VSM vocabulary as used in the rest of the steps.