On the way to the adaptive organization

The adaptive organization

  • Contains many principles, contents and values of Lean and Agile
  • takes a comprehensive look at today's O

The group

The GRADO group (growing Adaptive Organizations) emerged from a series of working sessions by members of the DACH30 exchange group.

What patterns are there

What experiences have become mainstream

What bad experiences are common? Rolling out a blueprint ("the Spotify model"

As a GRADO (core) group, our focus right now is on consolidating the map and discovering more patterns.
We don't want to duplicate existing content, but give enough content so that a common understanding of the term is possible:

  • an introductory text for the relevant topics
  • the 3 (or so) most important sources

You will find on https://growing-adaptive-organizations.org/travel-map/ the clickable map.
That's essentially the topic of the Meetup on Sept. 16: https://www.meetup.com/de-DE/growing-adaptive-organizations/
It should be the prelude to a broadening of the initiative.What could come after that?

  • more examples for journeys or more patterns
  • more content for the "points of interest

That's just one of the ideas for the Meetup on 16.09.Now I'm getting to how I passed the summer: with ideas for steps after next:

  • more details, patterns, principles
  • a transformation architecture, as it is now fashionably called.

Here are my thoughts: https://radicalfocus.com/adaptive-organization/
and in large: https://radicalfocus.com/the-adaptive-organization/
as clickable picture


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