Developing adaptive organizations,

fit for the future

and great places to work

Approaches and capabilities for the age of rapid change

The Viable System Model

Ein robuster und anpassungsfähiger Managementansatz zur Bewältigung von Komplexität ist heute von entscheidender Bedeutung.

Das Viable System Model (VSM) hilft bei Analyse und Design von Organisationsstrukturen, insbesondere Entscheidungen und Kommunikation. Das VSM implementiert organisatorische Kybernetik.

We offer consulting and training for VSM and organizational design.

Organizations must be successful and “people-centric.”

Organizations for people adapt. Support their structures instead of restricting them.

To achieve lasting success, the adaptive organization focuses on new capabilities: Learning and innovation.

Agile Evolution

Agile transformation consulting

Agile Evolution is a business agility framework.

It focuses on learning, organizational development, and helping organizations evolve faster.

It is agnostic to agile practices, so it can be used in combination with one or more other frameworks.

Adaptive Leadership

Programs and trainings

Leading means giving direction. This requires: having direction, being consistent, authenticity. In this respect, each individual leads: I can work with other people respectfully and at eye level.

Leadership also means creating structures. As a result, I have a significant influence on the daily experiences of my employees.

Learning Journeys

Training and qualification concepts

The learning organization is constantly developing its capabilities. These are technologies, organizational forms and, last but not least, their employees.

It needs learning employees who constantly and actively develop their skills and competencies.


Online courses in the Academy

News and Community

Academy Link

– The source for online courses on agile basics and more.

exchange platform. GRADO: Growing Adaptive Organizations. Information about concepts, discussions and work in progress.

Travel Community
– describes the concept for communication and provides some real-world scenarios.

Dandelion in the wind

Meetup – The GRADO Meetup is the place where practitioners enjoy an exchange of ideas and actively drive Open Innovation for the topics.

Wiki – mehr Informationen über Konzepte, Diskussionen und unfertiges