Scaling pragmatically: beyond methods

We are working on a new concept on Agile Scaling.

We’ve been doing method-based training on agile scaling, especially SAFe and Less, for some time now. We learned that it is important to discuss the concepts and principles behind the practices because only with this background can you adapt the practices to the specific situation. Nevertheless, the view of the principles always comes up short; it somehow always seems like a footnote.

That’s why we decided to approach the question from a completely different direction: we start with the needs: why do I want to scale and how do I see that I am successful. Then we set out to find the “golden nuggets”, the most valuable parts of each framework, and put them in the context of customer value.

This approach is not simple. It requires that you can already classify the principles and link them to your own experiences. It calls for more patience and scope with experimentation, stepping out of the comfort zone.

In return, you gain the chance to not only introduce a method, but to understand the similarities and differences to drive your own transformation.

And: you can participate in the heated discussion with a more rational view.

coming soon part 2: Golden Nuggets – what I want to take away from each method

On Key

The VSM Quick Guide: the model

The introduction to the series on Jon Walker’s VSM quick guide. It describes the simplified VSM vocabulary as used in the rest of the steps.